Brilliant Beauty Oils that are Perfect for Summer

Oils summer 2018

I’ve long been a fan of oils. This love was cemented by a certain A-list actress I was working with, mentioned she splits open a vitamin E capsule and layers onto her glowy dermis every week – I quickly hot-footed down to Holland & Barrett to load up on my very own anointed skin fix. In fact, most supermodels and red carpet royalty incorporate some kind of oil into the skincare mix. The benefits of oil are two-fold; the oil itself penetrates well, and the act of the massage boosts blood supplies to the skin. Win. Win. I have many tried-and-trusted favourites (a whole shelf full) – but here’s my list of the oils I’m testing right now, which are great for the summer months and beyond.


Nadur Genie Rinsable Cleanser & Make-up Remover, £25

This oil-based cleanser is water-soluble and gently lifts dirt and makeup without stripping skin or irking the dermis. Plus it gets rid of waterproof mascara and smells beautifully floral – meaning it’s such a pleasure to use. Plus it’s ethically sourced, non-toxic cruelty and gluten-free and vegan.

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MV Organic Skincare Rose Plus Booster, £80

I got a little too much sun at the weekend, and this totally took down the pink-tinge. I’ve heard it’s especially useful after a microdermabrasion or peel treatments, courtesy of the Rose Otto, Rose Geranium, and rosehip oils. Plus it really sinks in – so don’t be afraid of using it during the day – I promise you won’t look like a greasy mess.

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Olverum Bath Oil, £29

This is brilliant if you’re suffering from a summer cold or are full of hay fever. The Siberian fir needle, rosemary, and lavender provide a nice herbal aroma, while the inclusion of eucalyptus, lemon, and lime give a refreshing boost. It makes your bathroom (and the rest of the house) smell great, long after you pull the plug.

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De Mamial Settle Oil, £38

June has been pretty brutal, and if you’re anything like me, it’s always at bedtime where my brain goes into overdrive and is an active mass of thoughts. Annoyingly this starts as soon as my head hits the pillow. So, I roller this onto pulse points and into my hands, rub them together and take a few deep breaths and the little ritual reduces some of the listlessness.

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